Nokia N8 Photograph – Sunset

I am two weeks behind my postaweek2011 commitment, however lately I revised it to 52 blogs within this year to cover it up.  So bloggers here goes one to cover and two more to go before the end of this week.

I would like to take an easy time on writing this blog by posting the pictures which were taken with Nokia N8.  These are just raw pictures without any editing. Even the scene was set to auto, actually the landscape option didn’t come to my mind at that moment. I made a mental note to ensure that next time whenever an opportunity present with this sort of a beautiful moment, I should ensure that I get the maximum. Oh I love photography and would definitely like to learn more. May be a part time income might come through that who knows. For the time being enjoy the pictures. There are more pictures to come and of course I will categories them or have some sort of a theme before uploading.

Okay, I had a facebook update saying all I want for Christmas is an N8, i definitely didn’t get it for Christmas though, eventually I got it. lol.

This might help me learn photography to the next level, and of course might get on few peoples nerves for shooting pictures at every given opportunities, but then again, I love taking photoes. Therefore, they can complain and I can still take pictures lol.

Why did I want an N8 at the first place, very simply for the Camera and after going through the reviews many times over and over again in various different sites the other features really convinced me that it is the phone I should be having and then it was decided I either stick with what I have or have an N8. Having used it for a while I would really like Nokia to have the option of scrolling up and down the screen when you are browsing using + or – key (just a loud thought)

At times people say be careful of what you wish for it may come true, that’s exactly what happened to me on this occasion.

That’s a short blog of mine to cover it up for one of the lost weeks!!!


3 Comments on “Nokia N8 Photograph – Sunset”

  1. FlicShis says:

    Hey Deen,
    Wow! Those are really nice sunset snaps!!
    I love photos a lot too. If there is something I wanna buy this year it’s a Camera. My phones cam isn’t as good.
    I admire your owning an N8!!

  2. Deen says:

    Hi Shiro, Thank you! I happened to be at the right place I guess. I really want to improve photography skills.
    One advice is if you are buying a camera buy a really good one, I m told by few photographers its really worth in the long term.

  3. Deen says:

    Well I m testing if this comment can be uploaded through my phone. Using Nokia wordpress utility.

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