Has Social Media taken our real social life?

Human beings are by nature social creatures  and cannot live alone unlike some other species or animals in the world. We seek more and more opportunity to socialise and make use of every opportunity we get.

If we think from the beginning, we had friends and neighbors and buddies at school.  Later we start to enroll ourselves in sports or societies or some sort of a group and by the time we leave this earth we have made more than enough friends, enemies, admirers, and so on. All whom we have personally met!

However, for us to do all this we had to stay / visit one place to get to know more people and socialise with them.  Now almost everyone I know has a Facebook account. Before this what did we do?

We asked address to send post cards than for a phone number to chat. After that we wanted yahoo id to chat, then we passed through various other online communication tools and now we ask for facebook id to add them as friends and keep in touch. We even do that to people we met for the first time, even if we don’t ask just think how many times have you checked if a certain person was on facebook just after you met him/her? How many times did you go and look for an old friend of yours on facebook? How many new friends did you make on facebook? Do you know all about all the friends who are in your facebooks friends list?

Now move a little away from the internet. Do you know whats happening at your neighbours or a friends house who is not on your Facebook? Think of it. If your answer is no, doesn’t it mean you have been concentrating and developing networks on the net despite knowing exactly your social life is taken by the computer and its not a real social life? Suppose if you die today how many of your facebook friends would attend the funeral? Apart from that how many people that you know will attend are not in contact with you or you don’t know what there status is right now. Think of it. Think of the number of times you have written on others walls and now compare it with the number of times you have greeted, stopped to chat with people you know in real life!

In a way Have the Social Media and social sites have taken our real or actual social life. Can this really be a substitute? Can the person whom you chat and looking forward to chat or whom you have never met in person or for a certain degree that you will never meet be a person who is in your social circle? Are we or are we not looking to socialise in the wrong place?

Well having said the above, of course I do use facebook, twitter etc extensively and keep in touch with everyone there! But I ensure I keep in touch with those who are not in facebook but in real life too to ensure its balanced. I m not objecting or asking you to go and knock your neighbours door or write on their wall in the middle of the night but just a suggestion to think of it!

Just some thoughts to ponder!



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